Whale movement and XRP price analysis

 Within a few days of the judge Analisa Torres' approval of the request, Tapjets a private jet charter company submitted its amicus brief document supporting Ripple's summary judgement request in the case of US SEC, the regulator. SEC.

TapJets is a private jet charter business and a partner at Blockchain Expo of North America recently filed its amicus curiae brief in support of Ripple's summary judgement motion. This strengthened the financial giant's position in the fight in the court against US regulator which is which is known as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Whale movement and XRP price analysis

TapJets has urged to keep its use for XRP as a fiat-based alternative token. In its report, the private jet company states that in a period when traditional banks fail to function properly or is shut down on weekends, XRP can be an essential alternative.

TapJets has begun accepting XRP payments to book private jet flights and customers can make reservations for their trip using the cryptocurrency. Customers face a plethora of delays in traditional banking systems and rely on cryptocurrency to complete the task as a fiat substitute. TapJets filing is a supporter of this option and also the usage of XRP as a substitute to fiat.

The statement is:

TapJets refers to this as the "Friday Night Problem' due to the restrictions of banks and currency can become more problematic when a tourist is planning to travel on weekends like on a Friday night.

There are other cryptocurrency which address the same issue but XRP is efficient and provides lower costs for transactions and a shorter closing time, and lower fees compared to counterparts. TapJets is based on XRP and believes it is an authentic payment method that a lot of its clients prefer.

Based on the results of an earlier Twitter poll that showed 43% of respondents supported an alternative to fiat over other options. The poll garnered the total of 55.754 votes during the time the poll was in live mode, with a sweeping majority. 43.9 percent of votes favored XRP.

Whales transferred 572 million of the XRP cryptocurrency on the major cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance, Coinbase and Huobi among others. This move of XRP is a sign of a rise in the selling pressure as well as an exchange balance redistribution.

Analysts believe that XRP may fall below the $0.486 threshold and disprove the bearish theory.

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