Shiba Inu price struggles to recover

 Analysts have assessed an analysis of the Shiba Inu price trend and have revealed a bearish outlook for the near-term. The Dogecoin-killer is unable to rebound from its decline below the $0.00001075 price.

Shytoshi Kusama, the chief of the Shiba Inu project addressed the SHIB community and promised a bug-free Shiba Eternity guide. The meme price of the coin is struggling to come back from the recent dip and SHIB has posted 7.3 percent losses in the last week.

Shiba Inu price struggles to recover

Shiba Inu ecosystem's collectible card game has set a new record by placing in the best two games available on Google Play. The game was launched worldwide on the 6th of October and 7, Shiba Eternity has over 10,000 downloads, and ranks among the two of the top games for free available on Google Play Store.

The developers of Shiba Eternity recently released a guideline on the game. Shytoshi Kusama, who is the head for Shiba Inu, the leader of Shiba Inu project addressed the issues in the manual. Kusama assured the users that there would be updates, and that bugs will be fixed in the near future. In reaction to the criticism of the guide and the falling Shiba Inu cost, Kusama's tweet assured the holders in the community of fast updates and a quick response times in the SHIB ecosystem.

In the last hour, more than 1 million Shiba Inu tokens have been burned. This is the Shiba Inu burn rate has been increasing by 519% over the last 24 hours, signalling an increase of SHIB burn. The large volumes Shiba Inu token burns are usually regarded as a indicator of sentiment for SHIB holders.

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