Shiba Inu holders bullish on the meme coin

 Shiba Inu game for collecting cards Shiba Eternity was awarded an 4.9 five-star score by users. The game is now on the top games available on the play store. Analysts continue to be optimistic for Shiba Inu.

Shiba Inu's game of collectible cards was released globally on the 6th of October. Since then, the game has received more than 100,000 downloads across the globe and has received a score that was 4.6, 4.9 across 11,500 reviews on the Android Play Store.

Shiba Inu holders bullish on the meme coin

Shiba Inu is now one of the most loved memes and has recently added over 100,000 more SHIB holders. It lets players select from 10,000 Shiboshi heroes and 500 collectible cards among other things. The popularity in Shiba Eternity is likely to boost the acceptance of SHIB.

The game was available until September 6, Shiba Eternity game was available only to iOS users. The app store was the only place where it was able to resonate with Apple users. In just a short amount duration, Shiba Eternity joined the list of the top 20 most downloaded games on the App Store.

Shiba Inu added at most the number of 109,033 new owners in 2022. According to Finbold, on the 3rd of January, SHIB had amassed 1,114,483 holders. Based on CoinMarketCap data, the total number of SHIB holders increased steadily, reaching 1,223,516 in the week of October 13.

The Dogecoin-killer has added more holders, despite the decline in interest in meme coins and other risk assets such as Shiba Inu.

Analysts have evaluated an analysis of Shiba Inu price trend and concluded that the short-term correction within the meme cryptocurrency is almost completed. In the last 30 days, price movement has been between $0.00000980 to $0.00001190.

The rebound on Shiba Inu price prior to the weekend proved the low of the range and could serve as the reason for an upward move of Shiba Inu cost, in the direction of the high of the range.

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