Shiba inu and Amazon Partnership Truth

 Shiba Inu, also called"Dogecoin's killer" could be anticipating an alliance with Amazon.

Shiba Inu Coin Shiba Inu Coin, the latest cryptocurrency inspired by Dogecoin, which was launched in August of last year, is now planning to partnership with Amazon the world's most popular online store,"Shiba inu and Amazon partnership" controlled by Jeff Bezos and dubbed the "dropshipping capital of the world."

Shiba Inu and its investors will gain greatly from this. Shiba Inu's profile is enhanced because of the announcement. Moreover, prospective buyers will have more options to purchase.

Shiba inu and Amazon partnership Truth

Jeff Bezos and Shiba Inu

Jeff Bezos, the world's richest person and the founder of Amazon is reported to have made investments in cryptocurrency several times however, he has kept a tight-lipped silence regarding the subject.

A petition that has more than 23,000 signatures has been distributed in an attempt to convince Amazon to allow Shiba Inu as a payment method, however the company has not yet responded.

Though he might decide to speak out in the near future, it is believed that Amazon is working on a new currency called a virtual currency that customers can use through its platforms.

The issue was discovered after advertisements of the business's "Digital and Emerging Payments" division were found. According to the ads the company is currently working on a process that will allow customers to convert your cash in digital form.

"We are forming a technical team to develop novel payment products for customers in emerging areas" According to the post. The ads were later removed, as was the site Tech Radar at the time and the motives were kept the shadows for the past few years.

It's not the second token that the company has created as its digital initiative; Amazon Coins, designed to offer users with discounts in Kindle as well as Fire tablets, has already started development.

It's not clear if both initiatives are linked. In June the month of June, Bezos announced that he was leaving Amazon. Bezos stepped down as the company's CEO. Amazon.

Following the news that Elon Musk adopted dogecoin as the most prestigious cryptocurrency in the world it shouldn't not be out of the realm of possibility of Jeff Bezos to adopt the dogecoin-killer, Shiba inu and Amazon partnership, as the best cryptocurrency in the world and to accept it as a currency on Amazon.

In actuality, the petition provides a reason the reasons Shiba Inu should work with Amazon in more detail.

As per the petition Amazon is currently not accepting cryptocurrency for method of payment and has caused a lot of discontent among individuals who don't have a bank account in the typical sense.

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