How to sell Ethereum Meta on Trust wallet

I have been using Trust Wallet from 2021, and I consider it the best to buy, store or sell cryptocurrency and tokens. Here are the steps on how to sell Ethereum Meta on Trust Wallet.

Step 1. Download Trust Wallet app on your smartphone through Google Play Store. You can visit their website to get links to all the places you can get the app.

Step 2. After downloading and installing the Trust wallet app, you will arrive on a page that’ll prompt you to “Create A New trust wallet” or “how to Sign Up”. If you are creating a new trust wallet account, ensure to copy the recovery phrase key and store it safely."how to sell ethereum meta on trust wallet"

how to sell ethereum meta on trust wallet

Someone can use this phrase key to access your wallet, and you won’t be able to access your funds if you can’t remember that phrase key in the order it was first shown to you. How you should note that there is no other way to recover a lost Phrase.

Step 3. Since you are looking at how to sell Ethereum Meta on Trust Wallet, chances are, you already have amount in it. Maybe you received Ethereum Meta  as a token for verifying transactions; someone sent it to you or bought ETHM with fiat currency.

Before selling Ethereum Meta ETHM, you’ll have to swap it for a coin. Therefore, below the home screen of app, you will see four menu bars; select the DApps section.

Step 4. In the exchanges wallet or popular section, find Pancake Swap token and click on it. You can learn more about pancake swap in the upcoming articles.

Select “Connect Wallet.” Then click on Trust wallet section to bring up the Connect DApp menu bar, and click on it.

Step 5. You will be taken to the home page of app. Click on the token section menu on the left and select Ethereum Meta.

Type in the amount of Ethereum Meta you want to sell, or you can select “max” to get everything. In the arrow pointing, choose a coin like Ethereum ETH, Bitcoin, or Binance Coin.

You will see a menu bar with details of your swap and the estimate of the funds you’ll get. Select the Confirm Swap button and await for confirmation on screen.

Step 6. After a few minutes, a confirmed transaction will show up with information on the transaction network fees and other details. Click the “Approve” button to finish off the swap.

You will see Crypto coins exchanged for your Ethereum Meta. If you haven’t seen it yet then close the app and re-open it or swipe down to refresh the page.

Step 7. Send the tokens to a centralized crypto exchange to sell them. You can use your Binance or Coinbase wallet for this.

If you don’t have these accounts, create them. Binance exchange is a good choice because it owns Trust Wallet.

8. After setting up your decentralized cryptocurrency exchange of choice, go back to your Trust Wallet and select “Send.” Enter the tokens you want to send. Copy your decentralized cryptocurrency exchange address, paste it into the app wallet section, and complete the transaction.'how to sell ethereum meta on trust wallet'

There are fees you’ll have to pay for this transaction. Check them out to see the amount you’ll likely receive on your Binance exchange or Coinbase account.

9. From here, you can sell the coins from your Binance or Coinbase account to your bank account. This can only happen if you verify your identity by sending your photo, ID, proof of address.

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