How to redeem nft on WAX

 One of the reasons that NFTs on the WAX platform are so popular is because unlike other blockchains, it’s so easy to acquire them. Simply create a Wallet account using just a username and password or even social media account like facebook, Twitter or Reddit. In just two clicks, you can start buying, selling on WAX NFTs.

In the case of NFTs that how to redeem nft on WAX Blockchain, you can purchase them on a number of NFT asset marketplaces, listed below often referred to as secondary marketplaces because assets are sold on these marketplaces after originating elsewhere — think of Amazon company as a primary marketplace and eBay as a secondary.

How to redeem nft on WAX

how to redeem nft on WAX NFTs on these secondary marketplaces, you need WAX Tokens which you can buy on the websites listed here. You’ll send the WAX wallet name, which ends in “.wam”

Log in with your WAX Cloud Wallet, select the NFT asset you wish to buy, and complete the sale as how instructed by the marketplace.

Secondary Marketplaces on WAX:


This will open in a new tab. Purchase of NFT. When you buy you’ll get an actual collectors card in the mail that you may use to redeem it. how to redeem your NFT, go to and set up your cloud Wallet. Redeem your NFT. Scanning the QR code on collectors card will allow you to redeem the NFT to your Wallet.

Primary Marketplaces on WAX:

WAX platform also launches sales in conjunction with partners which can be buy with either Tokens or a credit card is depending on the sale. In the past they have sold NFT out in as quickly as nine minutes, so stay tuned to WAX’s social media channels."how to redeem nft on wax"

Where do I see my NFTs?

You can view your NFTs in your WCW wallet or on a marketplace that transacts NFT. You can also see them on block explorers like

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