Best Bytecoin wallets in 2022

 Bytecoin BCN is one of the most promising and underated currencies of 2022. To store Bytecoin you will need a best wallet. In this article, we will discuss various types of best bytecoin wallets available right now and what all are in the funnel."Best Bytecoin wallet"

Best Bytecoin wallet for Windows, Linux, Mac

The official Bytecoin BCN wallet is available for all major operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux. Once installed, you get a Bytecoin BCN address that you can use for sending and receiving BCN. This is the most secure and best bytecoin wallet since private key is with you. Make sure you save that private key very secure and save copies of it in different place so that you do not lose it. Here are the wallet links for different operating systems.

Best Bytecoin wallets in 2022

Bytecoin BCN really needs a web / desktop wallet that does not involves downloading entire 7GB blockchain.

Download official bytecoin wallet


Cryptonator is one of the best web wallets for Bytecoin BCN. It lets you store many other popular Cryptocurrencies and offers simple user interface which is excellent for novice users. Pair that with  solid support and you have a winner in hands.

Visit Cryptonator

Bytecoin Zero wallet

If you are looking for a best wallet that works inside web browser of both desktop and mobile, check out the Bytecoin Zero wallet. You can generate new wallet address immediately or import one. Works like a charm. It is hosted on github site so it is completely safe as well.


Best Bytecoin Wallet by Freewallet

While there is no official android Bytecoin BCN wallet, there is one by freewallet and it works amazing. It has solid reviews on playstore. It has several useful features like ability to buy bytecoin with credit card.


* Login with Email, Google+ or mobile phone number;

* Bytecoins are stored in cold storage

* App is secured and supported

* BCN price and statistics

* Restore wallet from any Android device

* Simple and beautiful Freewallet interface

Download freewallet

Exchange Wallets

Bytecoin BCN is available for trading on HitBTC, Cryptopia and Poloniex crypto exchanges. You can buy bytecoin easily using bitcoin BTC or monero XRM easily. Some people simply are more comfortable storing their Cryptocurrencies on exchanges since it does not forces them to install anything on their PC. It is also useful when you are trading and storing many different Cryptocurrencies.




Very popular safest Best Bytecoin wallet for ios under the Apple. The key to the success of Coinomi is huge opportunities for converting cryptocurrency: there are more than 80 cryptocurrency denominations,  Changelly and ShapeShift built-in converters work inside the Coinomi wallet without accessing exchanges.

Coinomi wallet has a simple and pleasant interface with Russian, English and Chinese language localizations. The minus of the project is rather incompetent and slow technical support.

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