Most profitable x11 algorithm coins

Most profitable x11 algorithm coins 

 Do you have Antminer D3, Baikal Giant X10, Innosilicon A5 or the most recent FusionSilicon X7 miner? This article is intended for those of you. All of these can be described as X11 machines that are made for mining coins. Not just Dash however, they can also mine every Proof of Work cryptocurrencies that are based on the X11 is a hashing algorithm."x11 algorithm coins"

Most profitable x11 algorithm coins

If you own one of these miners and are searching for coins that aren't Dash you can find it here. In this post, we'll list the top X11 coins you can mine. Before we dive to the list, here's an overview of X11 for people who aren't aware of the algorithm.

X11 Algorithm

X11 AlgorithmX11 algorithm an Proof of Work hash function developed by Evan Duffield. He is the main creator for Dash (previously Darkcoin) and is the first cryptocurrency that use an X11 algorithms for hashing. The primary reason for the development of this algorithm is to prevent the use the use of ASIC miners.

What is the reason to stop ASIC? ASIC miners are always viewed as threats to the cryptocurrency mining industry. They are the major factor in centralizing hashing power.

ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) are extremely efficient and resource-intensive Their sole purpose is to extract data from an algorithm in a speedy manner. Since they're more efficient, regular users using GPUs as well as CPUs will be at a disadvantage in relation to receiving block reward. This means that they are unable to participate in mass mining cryptocurrency.

Following the introduction of SHA-256 (Bitcoin) ASIC and Scrypt ASICs (Litecoin); X11 was first introduced in the early part of 2014 to offer an environment that is more sustainable for CPU and GPU miners.

X11 was developed in order to make it ASIC resistant. It's much more complicated as Bitcoin's SHA-256 and operates by using 11 different algorithms for hashing (hence the 11th number that is X11).

X11 Coins

If you're an GPU or CPU mining, this list of coins isn't for you. This list is for people who have

Antminer D3

Baikal Giant X10 coin miner

Innosilicon A5 Dash master

X11 Baikal Dash mini miner

The Pinldea DR-3, DR-100

Spondoolies SPx36

FusionSilicon X7 and other X11 ASIC machines.

At present, there are hundreds of coins that are the X11. But the majority of them are not in use and some however have little or no trading activity, or have no value at all. Therefore, listing all of them is a waste of time."x11 algorithm coins"

We are going to highlight the best X11 coins based on market capitalization. Do your own research to figure out the most valuable X11 coin with the highest value.

To assess the mining efficiency of these coins, we recommend that you use WhatToMine as well as various other calculators for mining.

1. Dash (DASH) - X11 coin

2. PACcoin (PAC)

3. Polis (POLIS)

4. MonetaryUnit (MUE)

5. Happycoin (HPC)

6. CannabisCoin (CANN)

7. Pura (PURA)

8. Monoeci (XMCC)

9. Capricoin (CPC)

10. Transfercoin (TX)

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