what is the best cryptocurrency to invest in right now

what is the best cryptocurrency to invest in right now 

The first quarter of 2022 was filled with unexpected developments in cryptocurrency.

We've witnessed one of the largest market crashes of the last few years in the last few years, in which Bitcoin and Ethereum falling in value and Terra falling to the ground completely."what is the best cryptocurrency to invest in right now"

If there's anything we've learned in the last few years, it's this: the cryptocurrency market is always able to get back on its feet at some point.

what is the best cryptocurrency to invest in right now

In that light this is the ideal time to make investments and profit from the low prices so that you can hopefully earn a substantial gain in the next few months.

Do you not have time to read through our in-depth analysis of all currencies? Do not worry, we've prepared an outline of the currency which you can read.

Without further delay now, let's dive deep into the specifics of these cryptocurrency that have the greatest profitable potential.

DeFi Coin (DEFC) - The Best New DeFi Cryptocurrency

DeFi Coin (DEFC) is the currency used by this new platform called DeFi Swap It was first introduced via the Binance Smart Chain.

In less than two weeks since it launched, DeFi Coin already saw an increase of 462% in value. However, certain of the major functions (such as the auto-liquidity pool) aren't yet available.

This cryptocurrency offers traders the possibility of trading values directly to other participants in the market as well as through the platform DeFi Swap. In this way traders don't have to use any central third party.

The three main features that are part of DeFi Coin are automatic liquidity pools as well as a manual burning system as well as the most advanced statically-based rewards.

Additionally the platform urges all coin owners to save their DEFC tokens the longest time possible, because of the high transaction tax rates (10 percent).

The reason for this is to reduce trading during the day which is thought to be the most important reason behind the high volatility of crypto. In addition that, 5% of the tax rate is given to all holders of tokens.

In the case of the reward system that is static holders are able to earn dividends simply by conserving this token within their portfolios and burning manually is among the strategies employed by the platform to increase the value of tokens over the long run. Every time someone invests in a new way and makes a new investment, a portion of the tokens is burned and the amount shrinks.

DeFi isn't all that significant in terms of trading volume and the amount of owners, however considering the many features we've seen we are confident that DeFi will grow in value over the next few months.

StakeMoon is a Crypto with Excellent Staking Rewards

StakeMoon is an open platform that integrates self-staking and liquidity-making technologies.

It was introduced by the Binance Smart Chain and its principal objective is to reward holders who have a long-term commitment. It does this by two methods.

First of all the fact that the majority of StakeMoon trades are taxed to 15 this results in fewer day-to-day trading and keeps short-term traders away from the StakeMoon project.

From this tax rate fixed 10% is equally divided among all current token holders. other 5% gets directly transferred in the liquid pool SMOON.

The second reason is that traders who decide to transfer their tokens onto the StakeMoon protocol will be paid monetary reimbursement.

This is due to the fact that the SMOON tokens allocated to users serve as a means of validating blockchain transactions. This means that the fees for sending equally distributed among those taking part in the staking programme.

StakeMoon was first launched in the month of November 2021. It has already raised over $2 million thus this point which makes it one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency in the field.

As of the date at the time of writing, the cost for a SMOON token was $0.000521 however, experts predict that this figure will increase rapidly towards the end of 2022.

ApeCoin - One of the Hottest New Coins

If we review of recent results, ApeCoin easily stands out as one of the most popular cryptocurrency options at this moment.

ApeCoin is the currency of governance that is used to manage the Ape DAO, which is managed by the same group who developed the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT which is one of the biggest NFT projects in the world.'what is the best cryptocurrency to invest in right now'

One of the primary reasons to consider that this is a good moment to make a bet on ApeCoin is that BAYC announced it is in the process of launching the Metaverse where ApeCoin can be used as the main currency.

In addition to that, it is worth noting that the P2E (play-to-earn) game Animoca Brands that was created by Ubisoft is also working to include ApeCoin within its network.

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