Shiba Inu price sees investor interest

 Shiba Inu coin price is too far gone from the significant pivotal of $0.00001708 level to make a strong comeback for now. Expect to see SHIB price action consolidate around current levels, slightly above $0.00001000 level, before another round of tail risks will come back to bite SHIB price action and trigger another drop in value. Shiba Inu price looks set to slip below $0.00001000 level, trigger a trust crisis amongst investors, and finally settle at price of $0.00000507, losing another 60%.

Shiba Inu price sees investor interest

Shiba Inu coin price is not really falling on the right side of the trade these past few weeks as SHIB price is set to close out the week with a fifth consecutive loss. By doing so, investors must start to be fed up with the almost puberal mood swings the cryptocurrency is having and being an outlier when crypto markets are rallying, and Shiba Inu price being one the few that is bleeding at that exact moment. Expect to see more outflow of capital funds, making the SHIB price action less supportive and possibly triggering a falling knife soon. 

Shiba Inu price still has the $0.00001000 level big figure in its corner, backing price action to consolidate above for now. But the backpack of geopolitical problem and tail risks is growing by the day as more unresolved issues are putting too many question Crypto markets around the secured path forward. Expect with that uncertainty and the unpredictable price moves in SHIB, investors start to lose confidence and could trigger at least another test at the price of  $0.000010000 psychological level. Should that support level be breached again, expect to see Shiba price axed in half towards $0.00000507 level as investors will be fed up with carrying the loss on their investments and look the other way.

One element that could ease the weight of the Shiba inu bearish backpack is when those tail risks can be deflated. That would come with some dovish comments from the FED  or if the news flows fades further to the background as the situation on the ground stabilises. That could trigger a quick turnaround with Shiba Inu price back to $0.00001500 level, and bulls pressing against the red descending trend line pattern to create a breakthrough on the descending trend line pattern and touch $0.00001708 level before trying to rally towards price of $0.00002100 and testing the 55-day Simple Moving Average SMA as price cap to the upside.

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